What is Effective Design?

What is a Design Artifact/Artefact?

In design terminology: An artifact (also spelled Artefact) refers to any product developed using human workmanship including but not limited to hand tools and computer-assisted technology.

Creative Artifacts come in many forms and include pictures, photographs and multimedia objects and have:

  • Gone through the entire design cycle
  • Been critiqued
  • Been published
  • Are considered complete

How does creativity influence design?

Creativity is not necessarily a skill or personal attribute. Creativity involves the ability to approach a problem with a unique perspective that is valuable and effective.

How do you tap into your own creativity to help you solve your design problem?

  • Let go of your fear of making mistakes.
  • Trial and error.
  • Never look back.


Stay organized: Organize your time & materials.

Provide yourself with realistic time lines and expectations.  Well designed materials do not happen in a matter of hours.