Tim Hortons new XL marks BIG changes to their cup sizes.

Welcome to the beginning of a new era for Tim Hortons. The popular Canadian coffee chain has made some BIG changes to it’s portion sizes.  Tim Hortons’ new coffee cup sizes took effect today, Monday January 23 2011.

Customers with an insatiable thirst for Tim Hortons coffee will appreciate the new sizing with the biggest of the cups measuring in at an astonishing 24oz.

Tim Hortons’ sizing is now more comparable to its American competitors including Starbucks and McDonalds who also did away with their smaller sized cups substituting them with what most Canadians will remember as a medium.

Under the new sizes, the old small is now an extra small, the old medium is now the small, the old large is now a medium, the old extra large is now a large and of course the new XL is the 24 oz mega cup featured in the image above.

For all those Tim Hortons’ Double-Double drinkers out there an XL cup made your way would weigh in at 300 Cal with 14G of fat.

Tim Hortons used two Canadian cities, Kingston and Sudbury, as test markets for the new cup sizing. The positive response prompted the company to roll out the new sizes nationwide.

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