Themes and Word counts

I have almost finished analyzing my research interviews.  Some recurrent themes and revelations from this past weekend:

1. In each interview there was a theme of preference to mobile technology over digital. Participants reported checking their phones more frequently then their laptops.  They also read text messages as they were received vs emails which were sometimes not checked for days or in some cases not read at all.

2.  There was a high frequency of students reporting that they read English websites and online newspapers to study and improve their English.

3. There were several passages where students described self-directed learning through mobile phone apps and online resources.

The interview analysis process is quite interesting.   The QDA miner software definitely makes things much easier to organize and keep track of.

And for those who asked about the final word count for the interview transcriptions……51,480 words.  3 chiropractic adjustments.  10 L of Tim Hortons coffee and an undisclosed amount of Monster energy drink.