Some themes emerge!


So I have been using the QDA analysis software to begin to analyze my interview transcripts.  The software is great it generate reports based on the frequency of applied tags/codes.  The most frequently applied code revolved around technology use, specifically mobile phones. Throughout the transcripts of the 8 interviews 57 passages of text were labeled with the technology parent tag, 30 of those passages were labeled with a tag noting the use of mobile-technology as an educational aid.  Here are some sample quotes from the interviews.

It is more convenient to use a cell phone (to look-up words).”

“I use the dictionary in my phone.”

“I use the online dictionary.”

“Yeah I have those dictionaries installed to my cell phone. It is very convenient and it saves a lot of time.”

Oh yes I use the online dictionary (…) I know some online dictionaries such as [Youdao].”

“It is more convenient to use a cell phone to look up words.”

I found it interesting that many of the participants are already using readily accessible technology to enhance and support their learning. In this case specifically to develop their vocabulary.