Phoenix Coyote 2012 ownership change could result in relocation

Always controversial NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has indicated that there are potential groups of buyers hoping to acquire the Phoenix Coyotes. One of which is led by former San Jose Sharks president and CEO Greg Jamison.

The expansion team has struggled with financial turmoil since it’s inception. Bettman did his best to keep media reports of the teams money troubles hidden but in May 2009 then owner Jerry Moyes put the Coyotes into bankruptcy with the intention of selling the team to Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie.

Balsillie failed to acquire the Coyotes as his intentions of moving the team to Hamilton, ON were in violation of the the leagues rules on relocation.

Now 3 more potential buyers have emerged but their intentions of leaving the team in Phoenix are still in question.

“We’re going to try to avoid a move of the Coyotes, but if we don’t sell the club, I’m not sure that this won’t be the last season here,” stated Bettman in response to a fans question.

With the recent move of the Thrashers from Atlanta to Winnipeg coming only a year ago fans are still hopeful the Coyotes could be moved back into a Canadian city.

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