New Cannabis Card Aims To Prevent Tourists From Using Amsterdam Coffee Shops

There are no current plans to make any exceptions for tourists visiting Amsterdam’s famous red light district coffee shops.  Justice minister Ivo Opstelten plans to introduce passes for cannabis café users.  These cards will be available to local residents only.  Anybody not in possession of a valid card will not be permitted to enter any establishment that sells cannabis.

The red light district in Amsterdam, famous for it’s lenient stance on prostitution and soft drugs draws  millions of tourists every year who pump tens of millions of dollars into the city’s legalized sex and drug industries.

Tourists can’t help but ask the question why?  Dutch officials are hoping the card system will help to curb crime linked to the production of the drugs and end some of the recent violence between criminal factions involved in a power struggle for control of the supply of those drugs to some of Amsterdam’s 220+ cannabis cafes.

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