Literature Review

I continued to do some interesting reading this weekend.   This weekend I am focusing on the importance of vocabulary for reading comprehension.   The argument that I am trying to make is that students need to possess a functional vocabulary to fully comprehend the written materials they will encounter in academic settings.

One of the more interesting articles I discovered was Vocabulary instruction and reading comprehension. Written by William Nagy in 1988.  There is an interesting passage that reads:

“there is a need to provide teachers with knowledge of how and why one can chose and adapt vocabulary-related activities to maximize their effectiveness”

What’s interesting about this to me is that it’s inline with the research data I am working with.  Introducing students to new vocabulary is certainly not a new exercise. However, using a mobile phone to adapt this exercise is a modern adaptation of this exercise and may be a way to maximize it’s effectiveness.

I will continue reading about vocabulary acquisition and how it might be enhanced using mobile technologies.


Nagy, W. E. (1988). Vocabulary instruction and reading comprehension.