Learning Object – Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) Activity

Learning Object Action Plan:

My Mom is a teaching assistant at our local elementary school. She works in the child literacy program and assists young children with their reading and writing skills.

The problem she is having right now is that the kids aren’t interested in doing their current reading and spelling exercises. The material is boring for them.  It’s just plain white sheets of paper really. I would like to use my graphic design skills and technical ability to create a simple learning object that would help kids to learn to read and spell simple words.  This object will be digital and will allow the kids to use the computer or possibly an iPad to complete them.  This should make the exercises seem more interesting to the kids so hopefully they will actually want to sit there and do them. One of the exercises my Mom currently does with the kids is the  consonant-vowel-consonant exercise.  Kids are given a list letters  that can be combined to complete simple 3 letter words in a  consonant-vowel-consonant order (CAT, BAT, HAT, MAT, SAT, etc.).   This form of blending is  an essential skill that children must acquire if they are to become good at reading (Llyod, 1993).


Challenges: I will need to find a way to make the materials not only visually appealing but also functional. I have limited knowledge of teaching children to read so I will have to do some research and find out what types of exercises will benefit the kids that will hopefully end up using this learning object.

I will be creating this project using Adobe Photoshop and HTML5.

Time Line: 14 days.

Conceptual Draft:





Lloyd, S., Wernham, S., Jolly, C., & Stephen, L. (1993). The phonics handbook. Jolly Learning Ltd..