Building A Professional LinkedIn Network

To connect or not to connect.

As a January 1st 2014 there were approximately 300,000,000+ users registered on Linkedin. That’s a lot of networking opportunity! However, LinkedIn’s security features discourage people from connecting with people they don’t know.   As tempting as it maybe be to send invites to all 300M members you just can’t do it.  Building a network of quality contacts is an important step in maintaining a professional online presence.  If you have ever wondered about how to start building quality connections  here are few tips and tricks to ensure that your Linkedin network not only grows but reflects a professional image.

1. Start by using Linkedin’s built in feature of searching People You May Know which will use your existing contact lists to connect you with individuals whom you’ve already had contact with. You may not want to connect with everyone in your current contact list but this tool is a great starting point to seek out individuals who are already on LinkedIn.

2. Reconnect with past coworkers from previous jobs.  As we move along in our careers maintaining lines of communications with previous employers and coworkers is important.  You never know when you may need a reference or referral. Co-workers can also be excellent sources for endorsements, leads on new positions and opportunities.

3. Connect before you forget.  Each time you make a new professional connection seek that person out on Linkedin.  By adding them to your professional network you are opening a new line of communication and also ensuring that your network is up-to-date and complete.

4.  Join professional groups.  Linkedin has several features that offer professionals the ability to connect with like minded people and fellow professionals.  Join groups that cater to your professional skills and interests.

5.  Contribute.  Contributing quality material to professional networks is a great way to showcase your expertise.  You will also be helping fellow professionals.  These contributions will not only positively impact your exposure within the network but may also lead to future networking opportunities and possible job offers.



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