Best Apple Fritter in Toronto. Who’s got the best in the city?

With the weight loss goals of New Years long forgotten this week I went on a mission to find the best apple fritter in Toronto.  It’s an ambitious challenge that I was pleased to accept.  I love apples. I love fritters. I love apple fritters.

All and all I tried about 10 different places.  I was really hoping I would find fresh baked apple fritters however most of them were donut chains (obviously) but I did stumble onto a few gems. Read on for the best Apple Fritters in Toronto.

StarBucks (2940 Bloor St W, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1B6): Really? Starbucks?  No really. Starbucks.  The starbucks apple fritter was actually awesome. A bit pricey but that’s not out of character for the place.  The attendant offered to heat it up after I tipped her. It was great. Very filling and actually had a few large pieces of apple in it.

Krispy Kreme (215 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2R5): Hundreds of calories, pounds of grease, absolutely nothing crispy or creamy about this apple fritter. It was fantastic though.  Living up to their reputation Krispy Kreme can make even an apple unhealthy. Deliciously unhealthy.

Country Style (362 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON): Country Styles are a hit or miss when it comes to apple fritters.  If you get the right place the apple fritters are hands down the best in the city.  If you get the wrong place I find them air-filled and bread-like. Almost like a glazed dinner roll with a few chunks of apples.  Never order one through the drive through. Go in and spot a good one and have them pick it out. If you’re lucky it will be great.

Perugina’s Bakery(735 Renforth Dr, Etobicoke, ON M9C 2N8): BY FAR the best apple fritter in the entire city of Toronto. Well worth the drive to Etobicoke. Perugina’s Bakery keeps it old school when it come to apple fritters. They’re filled with large pieces of apples and are usually a deep golden color. It’s always cool to go into an actual bakery as well. If you’ve got the time make the drive to Perugina’s you won’t be disappointed!

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