Air Canada set to ground pilots same day as aerospace workers strike.

Air Canada intends to lock out 3,000 pilots on the same day another airline union of ground crew and mechanics is set to strike.

Flyers and employees are looking to the federal government, who have been trying to avoid disruptions at Air Canada. Canada’s leading and biggest airline.

After failed negotiations to reach a new labour agreement. Air Canada announced it had served 72 hours notice to the pilots union that a lockout could begin as early as 00:01 Monday.

Air Canada made its most recent offer Wednesday, which was less than a month after Labour Minister Lisa Raitt offered both sides a new mediator and a six-month process to help them settle contract negotiations — a gesture that was welcomed by the airline and union at the time.

Air Canada pilots expressed frustration with their employers last offer.

The lockout Monday would coincide with a strike by thousands of ground crew and mechanics at Air Canada.

Talks broke off late Tuesday between Air Canada and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, which represents Air Canada’s ground crew and mechanics.

The union had rejected a new labour agreement two weeks ago, but returned to the bargaining table this week. According to the union, talks broke after Air Canada representatives failed to properly address a list of demands from the union.

The federal government was once again being urged not to intervene in Air Canada’s labour negotiations by critics who contend it does little to mend the airline’s frayed relations with employees.

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  1. Every few years this seems to happen with the airlines!!! Upsets families trying to earn a living and travellers trying to escape their every day stresses to enjoy a vacation!!!

  2. Totally. Always quarreling over money and never respecting the people who actually pay their wages….us!!

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